Jane Fonda Plastic Surgery Before and After Chin and Cheeks

Jane Fonda’s Cosmetic Surgery
Jane Fonda’s name is synonymous with many things, including glamor, beauty and fitness; but plastic surgery belongs on that list as well.
A young Jane Fonda (image hosted by www.biography.com) 
Currently in her 70s, Jane Fonda has been a sex symbol and an actress, perhaps most famous for her role in the cult classic Barbarella, and she’s still remembered for the fitness and home exercise videos that she made popular in the 1980s.
However, Fonda has admitted publicly that preserving her looks hasn’t been easy, and that she has had help from a plastic surgeon to maintain her face.

Jane Fonda’s Honest Admissions

Yes indeed she has, and unlike many celebrities Fonda has been very direct about what work she’s had done.

According to the OC register, Fonda has admitted that she’s had plastic surgery on her chin and neck, as well as the area beneath her eyes in order to tighten up her features and to fight off the effects of aging.
Jane Fonda plastic surgery before and after? (image hosted by lifegoesstrong.com) 
I wish I’d been brave enough to not do anything,” Fonda was quoted saying in 2011, referring to the embarrassment that she felt about getting plastic surgery done. “But instead I chose to be a somewhat more glamorous grandma.
Despite the humor of her statements, Fonda has expressed a regret in reversing her previously held positions on plastic surgery, called a total U-turn in the same article at the Register’s website.

Jane Fonda Before and After

Jane Fonda will never join the ranks of the worst plastic surgery celebrities, such as Bruce Jenner’s debacle or Mickey Rourke’s surgery mistake.
In fact, given her age, Fonda looks remarkably good. This is especially true if you consider that she is a breast cancer survivor and that she’s had to have several surgeries that weren’t cosmetic, but were meant to preserve her health.
But perhaps the most important measure of how good your looks are, especially if you’ve had plastic surgery, is how you look in your own eyes.
Jane Fonda plastic surgery? (image hosted by famousplastic.com) 
I was walking down the street one day and got a glimpse in the window and was like who’s that?
Fonda said on the Today Show, discussing the way that she looks now and how she feels about the results of her cosmetic procedures.
I feel so great and rested and look so different and I just decided – I’m not proud of it. I decided I wanted to look more about how I feel… I just decided that I wanted to buy myself some time.
Those are strong words, and true ones for someone that’s made her way in the world of good looks and a natural beauty until her older years.
They’re also a complete reversal of her old positions on cosmetic surgery, which many people may have associated with her position as a feminist figure.
Of course, while she might not be proud of the work she got done, Jane Fonda’s cosmetic surgery has made her look and feel better about herself, which means it worked perfectly. Thanks for reading: Jane Fonda Plastic Surgery Before and After Chin and Cheeks

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