Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Jobs and Skin tone

Michael Jackson's Plastic Surgeon Tells All: Restylane, Nose Jobs, Bleaching, Permanent Makeup

1979: Jackson falls and breaks his nose. This gives him an opportunity to change the feature he has come to detest, thanks to merciless teasing. He will later tell Oprah Winfrey, "I'd hide my face in the dark." The results of Steven Hoefflin's surgery are visible on the Off the Wall album cover.

1990: Jackson's skin tone here is much lighter, the result of skin-bleaching creams, pale makeup, or both. There is no sign of the blotchy pigment caused by vitiligo, but as a friend points out, "You'll notice that Michael often wore long sleeves and military high collars to hide his neck." What he can't cover with clothing and wigs, he covers with makeup. The tip of his nose seems narrower, more pointed, and upturned.

2009: Jackson's gaunt look reflects a loss of fat in the face. Klein has said he was using injections of Restylane, a temporary tissue filler, to build up some areas and even out others. Previous steroid injections in the nose have likely made the skin there so thin that the tissue-filling gel injected by Klein seems visible underneath. One expert says the indentation on the side of his nose may be from a recent skin-cancer biopsy.

Michael Jackson is one of the first names that spring to mind when we think of celebrity plastic surgery.

Born Michael Joseph Jackson on August 29, 1958, he was called ‘MJ’ by his fans and ‘The King of Pop’ by the music industry, in recognition of his incredible success as an entertainer, with contributions to the world of music, fashion and dance.

He first debuted as a member of the Jackson 5, then as part of The Jacksons, and finally embarked on a solo career in 1971.

His album Thriller is the best-selling record of all time.

Michael Jackson: Most Famous Plastic Surgery Celebrity?

It is not uncommon for mega-stars to be followed by rumors of cosmetic surgery.

For Madonna’s cosmetic surgery rumors followed her throughout the 1990s; for Joan Rivers cosmetic surgery rumors have been persistent throughout her career.

Michael Jackson is perhaps the most famous case of celebrity plastic surgery in modern pop culture. According to Jackson’s biographer, J. Randy Taraborrelli, Jackson underwent his first corrective surgery, rhinoplasty, in 1979 after breaking his nose while dancing.

The surgery was only partly successful and subsequently caused breathing problems, so he underwent a second rhinoplasty during 1980.

Jackson reported in his autobiography that he had a dimple inserted into his chin, and he regularly underwent dermal filler injections.

However, he denied that he had alterations to his eyes. Dr Arnold Klein reported that Jackson had relied on him to treat his vitiligo, which produces uneven patches of skin in varying tones.

Michael Jackson – Before & After Pictures?

The difference in Jackson’s face over the years is dramatic.

Jackson was said to be very pleased with the results of the rhinoplasty but in subsequent years his nose became so narrow that it looked bizarre, and became pointed and upturned.

By 1990 his skin tone was dramatically lighter. By 2009 his gaunt look was the result of fat being drawn from the face.

There is evidence that he had eyeliner tattooed permanently to his eyes. His jawline became squarer, and dropped lower, and his lip color became lighter to match his increasingly pale skin tone, and a possible chin implant removed his cleft chin.

His eyes appeared severely stretched and the stiffness of his facial expression was rumored to be the result of too many facelifts.
Michael Jackson’s Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong?

Unfortunately, Jackson’s plastic surgery is widely viewed as an example of plastic surgery gone badly.  The Daily Mirror newspaper ran a large picture of his face, calling it ‘hideously disfigured’ due to the surgery he had.

As an example of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong, the alterations to Jackson’s face received a lot of media attention, with thousands of column inches and articles written to speculate on a possible addiction to plastic surgery.
Michael Jackson Talks To Oprah: Denied Surgery

There were also rumors that he had taken to wearing a false nose tip, as the tissue of his nose degraded through multiple surgeries. By the time of his death, the appearance of his face was highly unnatural. Thanks for reading: Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Jobs and Skin tone

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