Jaime Murray Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift and Cheeks

Has Jaime Murray Had Cosmetic Surgery?
Some celebrity watchers are already wondering and obsessing about the ingénue English beauty and whether or not her beauty is natural or enhanced.
Born on 21 July 1977, Jaime Murray was relatively unknown in the United States until she played a sociopathic support group character Lila West on the hit television series Dexter in the second season.
Jaime got her start playing Stacie Monroe in the U.K. BBC One television series called Hustle in seasons one through four.
In 2011, Jaime has starred in the Starz mini-series Spartacus: Gods of the Arena and two episodes of Ringer, the CW television series starring Sarah Michelle Gellar (see also has Sarah Michelle Gellar had plastic surgery).
Jaime Murray - has she had plastic surgery? (image hosted by makemeheal.com)

Did Jaime Go Under The Knife?

That’s the question many fans are asking!
Jaime Murray was recently asked whether or not she had indeed succumbed to the pressure of celebrity plastic surgery.
Contributors from the makemeheal.com blog recently caught up with Jaime at the 2011 Emmy’s to judge for themselves about the possibility of plastic surgery. There was an article written for the blog but it has been deleted for unknown reasons.
The British tabloid the Daily Mail quoted Jaime Murray as saying regarding plastic surgery: “Oh no! I think that as an actor you should retain your individuality, so I don’t think it’s a good look. I’m happy with who I am.
Well, if the Daily Mail could not uncover any news to the contrary odds are that she is indeed natural as nature intended, for now at least.

Jaime Murray Before and After?

There are a handful of naysayer fans who think that perhaps there has been some enhancements, others who have reported to have known Jaime since high school insist that her looks remain unchanged.
There are no published photos of Jaime before her rise to stardom, so who knows for sure? A scattering of folks just that she is indeed beautiful, but that her looks are a bit unusual and perhaps not as natural as she claims.
Possible target areas include a possible rhinoplasty, as Jaime’s nose is currently extremely diminutive and flared at the nostrils. A more probable area for enhancements are lip collagen or restylane injections.
It has been commented that her lips are so unnaturally injected that she has trouble getting out some of her lines.
A few folks also suspect cheek augmentation with Radiesse or Perlane. This procedure is sometimes known as a liquid mid-face lift.
Before, the areas around Jaime’s mouth looked somewhat tired and lined. In more recent or after photos, it looks like her face has been filled out with something for sure.
There have also been some reports that there has been some work done to her eyes or eyelids in that she has a slightly Asian look that doesn’t look natural at all, perhaps botox injections.
There have been no photos that have surfaced on the web with any Jaime Murray before and after photos or any real evidence or reports of plastic surgery.
However, it’s worth looking at one or two recent interviews which offer some good close-ups.

Jaime Murray – Before & After Video Clips

The video below shows an interview on daytime UK television where Jaime had recently flown in from LA and looks radiant despite the obvious jet lag.

Here’s another one with a few close-ups from an episode of Dexter.

In Jaime’s defense, any young and beautiful actress (see for example, Jennifer Aniston) will always be attacked with plastic surgery accusations. Her look definitely has a uniqueness to it, whether that is the result of the face doctors of Hollywood or Mother Nature.
Perhaps Jaime is thinking that plastic surgery is cut and sew and that needles and injections are minor cosmetic techniques. Regardless, she is beautiful now but as one ages in Hollywood there is always the pressure to have time stand still.
Has Jaime Murray had cosmetic surgery? For now anyway, it appears that the chances are against it. Thanks for reading: Jaime Murray Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift and Cheeks

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