Demi Moore Breast Implants, Botox, Nose Jobs Plastic Surgery Before and After

Demi Moore: How Much Cosmetic Surgery Has She Had?
The bigger your star and the brighter it shines, the more rumors of plastic surgery will flock to you; hence the plethora of Demi Moore surgery speculations that have floated around Hollywood for years.
From breast implants to rhinoplasty, facial peels to Botox, it seems there is no procedure the rumors have spared the 50-something actress who seems to be doing quite a good job of keeping old age at bay.
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But how much of her good looks was created with the help of celeb plastic surgery?

Has Demi Moore Had Plastic Surgery?

Yes, yes she has!
Unlike many cases in Hollywood where all you have are speculation and bad plastic surgery before and after pictures (or in the case of Marilyn Monroe’s procedures a doctor has to come forward after you’ve died), Moore has gone on the record and admitting that she has indeed had work done on her body.
Of course when she first made the admission in June of 2010, Moore was very vague as to what she had or hadn’t had done.
I have had something done, but it’s not on my face,” Moore was quoted as saying in an interview with the UK magazine Elle.
That stirred the pot on speculation as to just what it was Demi Moore had done, and the general consensus was that she was admitting she’d had breast implants (see also did Paris Hilton get breast implants?).
Demi Moore plastic surgery before and after? (image hosted by 
That had been a speculation since the 1990s, and it is how those at Mydochub interpreted Moore’s statements on her surgeries.
Additionally, according to the Plastic Surgery Portal, Moore went on and said that she wouldn’t be opposed to more plastic surgery in the future. The full article may be found here, and throughout it Moore both comes clean about cosmetic surgery, and she rails against the endless speculation about her body and her looks.

Demi Moore – Before and After Pictures?

If you look at pictures of Demi Moore when she was in Ghost, and compare them to some more recent shots of her in films like Bunraku (as many people have done), you’ll definitely see differences.
Demi Moore before and after (image hosted by 
And of course you will, because these films are decades apart, and everyone’s looks change when you’re comparing pictures more than 10 years apart!
However, what you’ll also see is that Moore hasn’t changed as much as one might have expected her to over the many years since her career really took off. So what has she been using?
Jokes about Ashton Kutcher and comparisons to Halle Berry’s plastic surgery rumors aside, Demi Moore’s looks still seem very natural.
However, between her admissions and the natural suspicion of the rich, famous and beautiful that many people have, fans and critics alike know at least part of how Demi Moore has stayed beautiful well into her middle years.
However, it should be mentioned that Demi Moore’s cosmetic surgery is quite good, and that her surgeon is talented, given that there’s been so much debate over whether her looks are natural. Thanks for reading: Demi Moore Breast Implants, Botox, Nose Jobs Plastic Surgery Before and After

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