Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery Before and After

Has Daryl Hannah Visited a Cosmetic Surgeon?
Daryl Hannah starred in Blade Runner, Kill Bill and Steel Magnolias, because her appearance has changed over time people suggest that she has had plastic surgery.
Hannah was born on December 3, 1960. She attended the University of Southern California and made her first film appearance in 1978 in The Fury.
Has Daryl Hannah had cosmetic surgery? (image hosted by nytimes.com) 
Daryl Hannah has not mentioned whether or not she has had surgical work done, but before and after pictures lead many people to speculate about the types of procedure that she might have had.
The video below, courtesy of the Plastic Surgery Channel, nicely summarizes the general view on the possibility of Daryl Hannah’s forays into the cosmetic surgery world.
Like most celebrities, it is likely that if Daryl Hannah has gone under the knife she did so to maintain her youthful appearance.
Daryl Hannah before and after? (image hosted by alteredidentity.com)
It would appear that she has not had the worst experience nor has she suffered like some of the well-documented and horrific surgeries of people like ‘Cat Woman‘, also known as Jocelyn Wildenstein.
Doctor Richard Fleming, a cosmetic surgeon from New York believes Hannah has gone through a number of procedures on her face. He believes that the star’s face used to be thinner.

Daryl Hannah before and after (image hosted by hollywoodlife.com)

The procedure has left her with a fuller face and Fleming is quoted as saying that her ‘new’ face contains a lot of filler and is even a case of bad celebrity plastic surgery.

Daryl’s Cosmetic Surgery: Truth or Rumor?

Hannah has not confirmed the rumors about having a facial procedure. The speculation come from a comparison of before and after pictures taking shortly after a sequel to Kill Bill was filmed.
The actress is not the only person in Hollywood to have undergone cosmetic surgery.  Heidi Montag is well known being so open and so public about her 10 plastic surgery procedures all done at the same time.
Dolly Parton’s surgery is well known after the country singer has come out admitting that she has gone under the surgeon’s knife a few times.
Daryl Hannah”s face looks darker than it did in a 1993 picture. There is more material around her eyes and her cheeks seem fuller.
Even though Hannah went out of her way to giver herself a younger look, she seemed to be less successful than the Axl Rose‘s procedures. Rose managed to look younger after what many people assume is a lifetime of drug abuse.

Is this Daryl Hannah before and after surgery? (image hosted by pophangover.com)

Another celebrity who might have had cosmetic surgery, although she denies it is Nadya Suleman, also known as ‘Octomom’ , after successfully giving birth to 8 children.
Suleman, who is on public assistance, may be telling the truth.

Daryl Hannah Before & After?

Daryl Hannah’s search for beauty is understandable. She, like other actresses, needs to maintain her youth and beauty. If she cannot maintain her youth, she can still maintain her illusion of youth.
Unlike Meryl Streep, who is vehemently against cosmetic enhancements, Daryl Hannah probably believes that her career depends on maintaining this illusion. Thanks for reading: Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery Before and After

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