Carla Bruni Face Before and After Plastic Surgery

Has Carla Bruni Had Cosmetic Surgery?
Carla Bruni is an Italian singer and songwriting sensation. She has a flawless body, but has she had plastic surgery to achieve perfection?
Now into her middle age, she shows no signs of aging whatsoever. Has she had plastic surgery? That is one question many fans would like an answer too?
Carla Bruni is married to Nicolas Sarkozy (image hosted by 
Carla was born December 23, 1967. She is currently married to the President of the French Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy and they have one daughter together. Born in born in Turin, Italy, she is the heiress to her grandfather’s Italian Tyre manufacturing company.
Her first album debuted in Europe in 2002 and since then Carla has been getting attention worldwide. She has recorded songs with Harry Connick, Jr. and also sang at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.
Carla is a gifted singer who not only sings her own material but writes the music. She has impressed many with her stellar performances and is quickly becoming a sensation worldwide.
Carla Bruni plastic surgery before and after? (image hosted by

Has Carla Bruni’s Face Been Altered?

As a woman of 40-something, many of her fans notice that her face doesn’t seem to age.
In fact over the years, Carla actually looks very nipped and tucked in many shots. Some say Carla has had extensive surgical procedures as her face appears altered.
There are  numerous bad plastic surgery before and after pictures circling on the internet and fans state they can clearly see the difference.
Her face appears to be tighter and plump in some areas suggesting that there have been Botox injections. The nose seems to have a drastically different shape suggesting rhinoplasty.
Carla Bruni: 20s to 40s before and after pictures (image hosted by
Some analysts say that she has also had collagen implants and even lip and cheek fillers. The Italian bombshell does not totally fit the profile for plastic surgery gone bad, as she is still just as gorgeous as ever.
However, Carla is not the only one who is drawing attention to possible plastic surgery; Sandra Bullock has made the headlines over and over with plastic surgical rumors. Some prefer to let the talk circulate, but actresses like Janice Dickinson have been open and honest about their procedures.

Carla Bruni Denies Cosmetic Surgery

In many interviews Carla has been questioned about plastic surgery and has denied any work being done.
Carla Bruni denies ever having plastic surgery (image hosted by 
However, after comparing before and after pictures of this famous singer, there is a suggestion that quite possibly some work could have been done, but it is just a speculation.
Rhinoplasty does seem to be an option as in her “before” pictures, her nasal area is more rounded and the nose seems longer. In the “after” pictures, it can clearly be seen that the nose entirely looks altered.
Having a facelift without surgery could have also been an option. In many earlier pictures she has a more rounded and plump face, while in the later pictures she appears to have a longer and slimmer face.
Her face does have the obvious tightening that occurs during a face lift procedure. If she did actually have a chin implant, it was a subtle one as not many changes can be seen here.
Though Carla adamantly denies having any plastic surgery, the jury is still out on whether she has or not. At the very least there has been some Botox and fillers added, as there is not a wrinkle in sight. Thanks for reading: Carla Bruni Face Before and After Plastic Surgery

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