Cameron Diaz Nose Job Before and After Plastic Surgery

Has Cameron Diaz Had Cosmetic Surgery?
Followers and fans have been wondering about whether Cameron Diaz has had plastic surgery for a while.
Cameron Diaz is an actress who has made her name by starring in a number of popular hit movies. She was born on August 30, 1972 in San Diego, California, and she originally worked as a model before getting her break on the big screen.
Cameron's nose job before and after (image hosted by
She was on the cover of Seventeen when she was just 17 years old, and her first major movie was The Mask.
Her role in this film shot her into the arena of stardom, and she quickly gained international renown as a sex symbol. She has since been in numerous movies and is recognized as one of the top actresses of all time.

Cameron Diaz’ Nose Job

This star has readily admitted to having celebrity plastic surgery to fix her nose.Cameron Diaz younger and older (image hosted by
Diaz reportedly consulted the same surgeon who did Ashlee Simpson’s plastic surgery, Dr Raj Kanodia. She claims that she was involved in an accident with a surfboard and required celebrity plastic surgery in order to fix the damages.
Diaz told the Marie Claire magazine “S$#@ just finds my face – it’s crazy.
There are numerous pictures on the web, and they show all of the gory details that are involved with the procedure. Fans can easily see the shape of this star’s nose, and it was obviously quite crooked for some time.
Nose job before after photos (image hosted by 
She claims to have broken it four times and the surgery was required to improve her breathing among other things.

Cameron Diaz Talks About Awful Celebrity Surgery

This star has readily talked about improving her figure by having a plastic surgery, but she has never had this type of operation to date.
She comments on the bad plastic surgery pics of some of the other stars, and this is one of the major reasons that have prevented her from having an operation.
The Michael Jackson is a prime example of a bad plastic surgery gone wrong.
Diaz told the Daily Express, “What on earth possesses them to want to go destroy their own character? To go under the knife to do that, well, it’s sick”, she said when discussing some of the awful celebrity plastic surgeries.
Cameron Diaz before and after (hosted by
Unlike Courtney Love, Diaz prefers the natural choices of diet and exercise to keep her looking the best. She is a regular fan of the gym, and she has often been captured by various tabloids on her way to work out. She credits her smooth features to her regular diet and exercise regimen.
Cameron Diaz is one of the most popular actresses and models, and fans have often wondered whether she has had plastic surgery.
She has publicly commented on the issue of getting a breast or butt job, but she has said that these would not go well with her bone structure.
For now, celebrity plastic surgery speculators will have to be content with Cameron Diaz’s own admission to rhinoplasty.  Given she has already been so open, if she has additional procedures the odds are she will be telling us about it. Thanks for reading: Cameron Diaz Nose Job Before and After Plastic Surgery

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