Nadya Suleman Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job and Lips

Observers claimed Nadya Suleman has a face that showed evidence of plastic surgery.
Now It's clear that Nadya Suleman has had plastic surgery, and her face next to Angelina Jolie's has circulated the Internet many times. But have you seen younger photos of Nadya Suleman?

But After seeing these Pictures You will be convinced that Nadya Suleman has had some kind of plastic surgery on her nose and lips.

Though Suleman denied having plastic surgery to make her look like the Oscar-winning actress, neighbors, friends and family of the unemployed single mom on food stamps say that's baloney.

Suleman’s lips were suspected of having plastic surgery enhancement because they were particularly full.

Many outlets are noting Suleman’s facial and coloring similarities to Angelina Jolie. The comparison is not a diss to the actress as she seems to be having children she can take care of, and is more of an observation about Suleman’s assumed obsession with Jolie. It’s interesting that Suleman’s first interview was with Ann Curry, who is one of Angelina’s favorites.

The nose does not get smaller as you get older. It gets bigger, longer and/or more bulbous, and any plastic surgeon will tell you that.

You'll be able to see a difference in her nose, and upper lip. The upper lip in the before photo is thinner than in the after photo.
Nadya Suleman hasn't commented on the reports that she has had a nose job and had her lips surgically plumped. Instead, she has kept the media focused on the birth of the most recent additions to her brood of 14 children.

Friends of Nadya Suleman, who already had six children before giving birth to a further eight, said she had altered her appearance to look like Jolie - who herself has six children.

"It's one thing to clip out a celebrity's photo from a magazine and ask your [hair] stylist to copy that cut. Who hasn't done that? But to have a nose job, have collagen injections in your lips and start talking like Angelina that's over the top.''

Has Nadya Suleman Had Cosmetic Surgery?

In current day society it is not uncommon for a woman to undergo in-vitro fertilization in effort to conceive more children when other methods simply are not working.

However, the nation went wild when the press released information about a mother of six became pregnant with octuplets after undergoing this procedure.

Also known as “Octomom,” single mom Nadya Suleman (born July 11, 1975) shocked the nation when she revealed her decision to try for more children in addition to the six she was currently supporting by using food stamps due to her unemployed status.

Octomom’s Surgery Rumors

As if carrying octuplets isn’t shocking enough, rumors of plastic surgery began to fly when Nadya Suleman’s looks changed drastically.

Fuller lips that resembled those of Angelina Jolie were telltale signs of celebrity plastic surgery in attempt to look more like a famous movie star.

Unlike other bad plastic surgery pics, Nadya Suleman’s obvious rhinoplasty and fuller lips as a result of botox improved the looks of this busy mom.

By viewing before and after pics of Nadya Suleman, you can tell that her nose has become smaller (which should not happen as one ages) and her lips have become larger and fuller.

Similar to Joan Rivers’ surgeries, Nadya Suleman’s nose appears to be more narrow and slim, yet one’s nose should actually widen and elongate with age.

However, “Octomom” still has yet to confirm rumors of plastic surgery and instead focuses many interviews and questions on her growing brood.

Did Nadya Suleman have plastic surgery after giving birth? Refering to the “after” pictures in magazines worldwide, that is the question that many are asking.

One year after giving birth to octuplets, Nadya Suleman bared it all in a bikini for Star Magazine.

However, many fans were hypocritical of her lack of stretch marks that once covered her stomach and her lack of excess skin after carrying a total of fourteen children.

In fact, the “Octomom” seems to be exactly the opposite of many other celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong with her amazing figure.

In opposition to Kate Gosselin’s plastic surgeries, in which she bared all for the public to acknowledge, Nadya Suleman actively refutes any claim that she has had a tummy tuck or laser stretch mark removal.

Yet, many fans are skeptical and reluctant to believe Nadya’s claims that she is very resilient and bounces back to her pre-pregnancy figure easily.

In fact, she even gave tips to readers of Star magazine on her personal dieting and fitness secrets. While “Octomom” claims she never received a tummy tuck or lipsuction, the scar around her hips and the unusual shape of her belly button suggest otherwise.

According to Dr. Michael Salzhauer “plastic surgery can create natural looking results with minimal scars.” Thanks for reading: Nadya Suleman Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job and Lips

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