Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job and Eyelid Surgery

Lee Hyori Before And After Plastic Surgery

 Some of the plastic surgery that Lee Hyori has had includes a nose job, eye lid surgery, cosmetic dentistry, & possible breast implants.  The before and after photos show a startling difference.

Here Lee Hyori before and after her nose job.  Notice how the tip is elevated in the after photo.  I honestly think that her nose looks better before the cosmetic surgery.

Lee Hyori: Former K Pop Princess?

Lee Hyori’s cosmetic enhancement rumors have gotten big enough that they’re crossing oceans to be heard. Hyori, got her start as a singer with the K pop group Fin.K.L., and she’s gone on to have a successful career as a singer and an actress ever since then.

She’s also been viewed as one the most attractive women in Korean entertainment, and her looks have gained her international notice. But people have begun to ask, fans and observers alike, whether or not Lee Hyori has gotten breast implants.

Has Lee Hyori Gotten Breast Implants?

While she doesn’t have all of the surgical evidence that bad plastic surgery celebrities like Heidi Montag’s experiences left behind, Hyori’s general shape has changed enough that people have sat up and taken notice.

In fact singaporeplasticsurgery.com made quite a deal out of offering readers and viewers several glimpses of Hyori in a variety of positions that showcase her current looks, and which have posed the question about whether or not the K pop princess has gotten breast implants or not.

Hyori herself has remained quiet on the subject, an approach that many Korean pop stars accused of going under the knife take. It allows them to maintain dignified silence without feeding the rumor mill and making coverage even more intense.

However, while it might not be splashed all over the tabloids, there is no real answer yet as to whether or not Hyori is using clever cosmetic tricks to enhance her natural looks, or if she’s gone in for surgery.

Lee Hyori Pictures Before and After

As with any situation where it’s unclear whether a celebrity has gotten plastic surgery or not, fans and even magazines turn to pictures of that starlet to try and see if they can spot the differences between then and now.

Of course as any fan that’s tried to detect Paris Hilton’s cosmetic surgery can tell you, entertainers have all sorts of ways to make themselves look completely different. And just as Ms.

Hilton has shown, Hyori’s seeming change from a B to a D cup doesn’t have to be the result of plastic surgery.

Given how creative cosmetic professionals can get, it’s entirely possible that clothing meant to alter the shape of Hyori’s breasts is responsible for the bustier look she’s sported in many latest pictures.

On the other hand, it is also possible that a talented plastic surgeon has given her breast implants, the most popular elective surgery, and that is why her chest appears bigger; because it is.

Unfortunately, the only photographs that can really confirm this suspicion one way or another would have to showcase Hyori’s chest without any cover, thus eliminating the possibility of cosmetic enhancement. And while there are no doubt fans constantly on the lookout for such pictures, there aren’t any available.

So since the controversy can’t be settled, and each side of the debate has a completely logical out. So the question of Lee Hyori’s cosmetic surgery remains a question for now. Thanks for reading: Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job and Eyelid Surgery

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