Kim Tae Hee Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Kim Tae Hee: More Korean Cosmetic Surgery?

Has Kim Tae Hee had plastic surgery to maintain looks that some of her fans have compared to divine goddesses?

The Korean actress and model that’s starred in dramatic films such as “My Princess,” and “Stairway to Heaven,” is a beautiful woman, and one whose career has reflected her looks and skills.

However, as with any starlet that reaches a certain amount of fame, there are rumors and speculations as to whether or not Kim Tae Hee is a natural beauty, or if she’s had some help from a surgeon’s scalpel. Questions that others in similar circles, such as Yoona plastic surgery rumors, can certainly empathize with.
 Has Kim Tae Hee Had Plastic Surgery?

It’s a good question, but not one that seems to have an easy answer. As with many American stars, Kim Tae Hee is keeping quiet on the subject and giving no grist to the rumor mill whatsoever.

Demi Moore held plastic surgery silent for years for example, and it’s a solid strategy for making sure that speculations die down over time. But fans in Korea and around the world are curious, and debates rage online as to whether her smooth good looks are all hers or if there has been some help beyond traditional cosmetics.

Her eyes, a very commanding feature of her overall beauty, and especially her screen presence, have been rumored to have been crafted by plastic surgery. Is there any truth to it?
Kim Tae Hee Pictures: Before and After?

Except in the case of the worlds worst plastic surgery, where it’s obvious to anyone what happened, the only sure way to know that plastic surgery was involved is to get either the patient herself or the doctor to testify and confirm, the latter of which only typically happens once the client is dead and the promise of confidentiality no longer applies.

Since neither of those things have happened, all fans can do to lend credence to the argument for or against Kim Tae Hee’s plastic surgery speculations is to look at pictures of her throughout her career and compare the changes they see.

Unfortunately for those that believe Kim Tae Hee has undergone plastic surgery in order to maintain her looks, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of inexplicable change in the starlet’s appearance. In fact she seems to be rather timeless, holding the same shape and smoothness over the years. However, some people might argue that the sheer lack of change proves that she has a good surgeon.

In the end it seems that claims by the “must have had plastic surgery” camp don’t really have much of a leg to stand on. There’s no obvious changes, no one with insider knowledge has come forward and even Kim Tae Hee herself has remained mute on the subject.

So the only real course of action concerning the rumors and speculations about Kim Tae Hee plastic surgery is to just leave them as the possibilities they are.

Photos of Kim Tae Hee Plastic Surgery Before and After?

Kim Tae Hee Without Makeup.
Kim Tae Hee Makeup.

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