Kim Jaejoong Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kim Jaejoong, or Hero Jaejoong as he’s sometimes referred to, has quite a gallery of plastic surgery rumors following him around.

While most of these center on his nose, a feature the Korean pop star (see also Song Hye Kyo plastic surgery), actor, director and song writer has admitted to being shy about, it’s a debate that hasn’t reached American ears much past the anime and Kpop communities.

However, the rabid state of the debates in the fandom that one can find on forums might leave you reeling from the vitriol being flung about as the question of whether or not Jaejoong went under the knife is discussed.

Has Jaejoong Had Plastic Surgery?

The answer is… we don’t know!

The debate among fans rages between “of course he did, just look at him!” to “You’re ridiculous, he would never!”

When the question was put to Kim Jaejoong and he was asked out right whether or not he’d changed his looks with the help of a scalpel, he was as at least as evasive as American actors and actresses, like the famed Lady Gaga plastic surgery speculations.

“That’s a secret,” Hero Jaejoong was quoted as saying, smiling at the interviewer when he gave his answer to the question of if he’d had plastic surgery. “All my fans know the truth behind that, but if you don’t, let’s just skip the question.”

However, when Jaejoong gave that answer he did elaborate, saying that he’d always been unsatisfied with his nose and that he personally felt it was a little flat. Hardly a ringing endorsement or denial of celebrity plastic surgery, but the K-pop scene has interpreted these vague statements both one way and the other.
Jaejoong’s Surgeries – Before and After Pictures?

Perhaps the oldest, most tried and true method when it comes to detecting plastic surgery in any country is to examine pictures of the celebrity in question before and after the dates of the supposed cosmetic procedures.

However, when it comes to whether or not Jaejoong has gotten a rhinoplasty, even a minor one, the jury’s still out on the results of his photos. The doesn’t appear to be much of a change, but that has lead those that believe the star’s gotten surgery to claim he had a very talented surgeon and it’s lead those on the other end of the spectrum to say that the pictures show he never had any work done in the first place.

And as has been shown in interviews, Jaejoong just isn’t telling us his secret.

However, with celebrities like Demi Moore coming clean about plastic surgery, one might think that it was becoming more accepted as something that celebrities do.

When your looks are your paycheck, why shouldn’t you take every possible step to ensure that your career progresses? But whether Jaejoong enjoys the mystery, or he doesn’t want to outright deny any procedures is unclear.

However, the debate still rages on about whether or not all of the Kpop singer’s features are really natural or his own in the Jaejoong plastic surgery speculations. Thanks for reading: Kim Jaejoong Plastic Surgery Before and After

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