Katy Perry Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants and Face

Katy Perry has taken the pop world by storm with her cute costumes, trendy makeup and hairstyles. But has the “California Gurl” always been so beautiful. Well, by the looks of this picture of Katy as a teen it looks like she has! We would assume she has NOT undergone any plastic surgery to date and is 100% all natural. Katy has been able to use the best makeup artists and stylists to change up her look appearance to appearance.

But looks can be deceiving, what do you think, has Katy Perry enhanced her looks with the surgeons scalpel?

There’s no question that the song of the summer is Katy Perry’s California Girls. But, is there any doubt that Katy’s California breasts are fake?

Actually, there is. I don’t think that Katy Perry has breast implants. I heard an interview several months ago where she claimed her D cups were 100% natural, and after looking at photos and videos I would tend to agree. There’s no evidence of the half-grapefruit look you see with Whitney Houston (see hers here) or Sharon Stone (see hers here). Now, if Katy’s breasts are fake, then Katy should Kiss her plastic surgeon!

If Katy Perry did not have celebrity plastic surgery, how can she look so different in just a couple of years?

This is the question that has bewildered fans of the rock-star titan.

Raised by Christian pastor parents, Katy Perry was born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson on October 25, 1984 who started her career by singing gospel music.

At that time, nobody would have guessed that Katy will become a singing sensation within a few years of releasing her first album in 2001.

The fame was so instantaneous that she became the first female artist to get five hits on Billboard 100 in a single year.

In May 2011, she also became the first artist to remain 52 consecutive weeks on the top 10 list of Billboard Top 100.

In a short span of time, her singing career has excelled from releasing an unsuccessful album in 2001 to rivaling Michael Jackson’s record breaking album, Bad.

Katy Perry has aroused interest and controversies from the media who seem curious to know how a gospel singer has suddenly become such a successful electro pop-rock icon.
How Would Katy Look Before & After Surgery?

Fans of Katy Perry that have been following her since her early singing career have been amazed by the transformation of her facial structure.

From a simple country girl type, Katy Perry seems to have turned into a sex kitten. Various E! Entertainment file photos confirm that Katy was not as attractive in her teens as she is now at 25 years of age.

The first thing that comes into mind is plastic surgery that may have helped Katy to attract publishers who regularly feature her on the top cover of notable magazines.

It seems that no matter what age you are, media hacks seem intent on asking the same question.  Other young stars such as Leah Miller (see has Leah Miller had plastic surgery?) are also the subject of debate.

Older stars, however, especially when they seem to preserve their looks so well can expect to create interest.  The subject of Julia Roberts’ cosmetic surgeries is a very good example.

Yet, a well-known Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer confirms that there doesn’t seem anything out of the ordinary.

He explains that applying fillers to the lips and botox to the  forehead can have a significant affect on facial composition.

Similarly, Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, explains that Katy is still young and, therefore, strokes of makeup can definitely hide her real face.

Testimonies by some other leading experts also suggest that there is little doubt that Katy has a natural appearance.
Where Did Katy’s Cosmetic Surgery Rumors Come From?

Nevertheless, December issue of Harper’s Bazaar interviewed Katy who confirmed that she wanted breast reduction at the age of 13 due to consistent back problems.

Such reports may have contributed to the news of Katy’s breast surgery that women with large breast size undertake to reduce back pain.
Did Katy Get Breast Implants?

Compared to her breast size, Katy has a slim frame that may also have fuelled rumors about plastic surgery.

Supporters of Katy have pointed out that the actress wears bustier attire to support her large breasts.

Women with fake implants always wear tops because implants do not need any support.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden sheds light on rumors of plastic surgery by explaining that celebrities with C-cup or larger size always attract attention due to their extra cleavage.

Dr. Walden verifies that after watching Youtube videos of the actress, nothing seems out of place.
Has Katy Perry Had Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty may be another culprit that has made fans to think that Katy had a plastic surgery on her nose.

Fans notice that the bridge of Katy’s nose looks thinner than her previous photos. Makeup experts and various media personalities say that these changes are the result of makeup and different camera angles.

From expert testimonies, it seems that Katy Perry is not a plastic surgery celebrity but there are abundant rumors to keep everyone guessing. Thanks for reading: Katy Perry Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants and Face

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