Jocelyn Wildenstein Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jocelyn Wildenstein Cosmetic Surgery Disaster

Jocelyn Wildenstein (aka Cat Woman) is without a doubt one of the most famous plastic surgery celebrities.  Unfortunately, it notoriety entirely for the wrong reasons and in Jocelyn’s case, it’s very much about plastic surgery gone wrong.

The story started back in the 1970s when she decided the best way to hang on to her husband at the time was to ‘improve’ her looks.

Cat Woman Jocelyn Wildenstein plastic surgeryAdmittedly, cosmetic surgery has come a long way since then but the results of Jocelyn’s successive surgeries have been so horrendous she has been tarnished with the label Bride of Wildenstein.  Other’s simply call her Cat Woman.

The sad irony of the story is that in the end, Jocelyn divorced her husband after finding him in bed with a young Russian lover.

Here’s a montage courtesy of showing just how much Jocelyn’s face has changed over the years.

Jocelyn Wildenstein - the victim of Plastic Surgery.
Jocelyn is known primarily for spending more than $ 4,000,000 for the services of plastic surgeons. And a beauty turned into a beast...
Some of her pictures you have seen already, but I decided to post all her photos so you can see how she changed over time.
Also, her fresh photos of 2009 are waiting for you inside the post.
That's how Jocelyn Wildenstein looked before she went under the knife of plastic surgeons: Thanks for reading: Jocelyn Wildenstein Plastic Surgery Before and After

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