Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Breast

Has Ivanka Trump Had Cosmetic Surgery
Ivanka Trump is the daughter of American businessman and entrepreneur Donald Trump and his first wife, former Czech model Ivana.
Ivanka Trump was born October 30th, 1981 and has had a varied career as a fashion model, as well as working as a product designer and launching a jewelry line named after her.
Educated at Georgetown University and University of Pennsylvania, where she graduated with honors with an Economics degree, she is currently married to Jared Kushner, with whom she had a baby girl in July 2011, and works with her father’s organization, The Trump Organization, as an Executive Vice President.
Has Ivanka Trump had plastic surgery? (image hosted by topnews.in) 
As an heiress to the Trump fortune and a judge on the successful TV show The Apprentice, which is produced and run by the Trump Organization, Ivanka Trump is an instantly recognizable celebrity.
This of course, is enhanced by her looks, and inevitably, she has courted controversy over whether or not she has had plastic surgery, and whether this enhanced her physical appeal.

Ivanka Trump: The Cosmetic Surgery Question

Of course the question of before and after pops up here: what cosmetic enhancement, if any, did Ivanka get done?
A close look reveals at least two or three possible changes: a nose job, which is almost standard among plastic surgery celebrities, and breast enhancement stand out seemingly prominently.
Did Ivanka Trump have rhinoplasty? (image hosted by makemeheal.com)
She may also have had some chin augmentation.  Whatever the truth is, Ivanka is not a star who falls into the plastic surgery gone wrong category.

Did Cosmetic Surgery work For Ivanka Trump?

Putting the typical pettiness that greats this kind of surgery aside, the implied cosmetic enhancement was good for Ivanka.
She was already a model at a young age, so the question of whether or not she was always attractive is moot. If she did indeed have cosmetic surgery, then it has improved her overall look and was done tastefully – something that cannot be said for Pamela Anderson.
Ivanka Trump before and after breast implants? (image care of Getty Images, hosted by zimbio.com)
It can be said indisputably that the results of Ivanka’s cosmetic surgery, therefore, were very impressive .  The ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures certainly show that while she was an attractive girl to begin with, the cosmetic surgery certainly accentuated her looks rather tastefully.
Known for her independent streak and strong character, this intelligent and yet devoted daddy’s girl does not bother to comment on her plastic surgery, though she does detest comparisons to other similar celebrities.

Why Ivanka Had Surgery?

To understand the possible core reasons behind her alleged plastic surgery decision, one needs to understand how Ivanka actually feels about her celebrity status.
Ivanka Trump plastic surgery? (image hosted by ikedshm.blogspot.com) 
She has revealed herself to be rather level-headed and not after the increased celebrity that comes after plastic surgery. Besides, she simply did not need it.
As the heiress to a wealthy fortune, attractive, intelligent and talented as she was, this was probably simply a decision to improve something she felt she wanted to and she obviously could afford to do.
So if it did occur, it is certainly not a desperate cry for attention akin to what Mariah Carey tried out so disastrously so that she could still appear in R & B videos.
Whether or not Ivanka Trump has had plastic surgery or enhancement of any sort, she remains a successful and attractive personality and the apple of her father’s eye. Thanks for reading: Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Breast

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