Herbert Chavez Plastic Surgery Before and After Superman

Herbert Chavez Turns Into Superman After Countless Operations Since 1995

Herbert Chavez, a designer from The Philippines, made world-wide headlines in October 2011, when he was featured in Bandila news – a local TV station – having had successive plastic surgery operations since 1995 in an effort to look more and more like Superman hero, Christopher Reeve.
The beauty pageant trainer told Bandila he has so far had a nose job, silicone lip injections, thigh implants and chin augmentation to give him Superman’s iconic cleft chin.
Before-and-after photos reveal the extent of his radical transformation. His once dark complexion is now much whiter and even his hair is styled with Superman’s trademark curl.
Herbert Chavez turned himself into Superman after many plastic surgery operations since 1995
Mr Chavez’s house is also filled with Superman memorabilia, including pillows, curtains, framed photos and a life-sized model of his icon.
There is no doubt that unlike some of the stars on this website, that Herbert Chavez has indeed had celebrity plastic surgery.

Herbert Chavez – Wannabe Celebrity Surgery Sensation

He turned himself into an overnight media sensation when he broke his silence after 16 years and revealed the procedures he has had in an obsessed effort to resemble Superman.
Herbert Chavez  loves the “Man of Steel.” In fact, he loves him so much that he’s undergone several plastic surgeries to look like the caped guardian from Krypton.
According to a RealSelf.com, which translated a video report from news service Bandila, the 35-year-old “pageant trainer” has undergone several operations to look like Superman since 1995, including chin augmentation (see the cleft), thigh implants, silicone lip injections and a rhinoplasty to make his nose look like actor Christopher Reeve’s.
It’s not only Superman’s body parts Chavez is interested in collecting, he also has massive assortment of hero-related memorabilia (statues, posters, costumes, furnishings) both inside and outside his house.Herbert Chavez compares to Superman Christopher Reeve
Although he may fit the archetype of a Superman superfan, a psychiatrist interviewed in the original report suggests that Chavez may suffer from Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), an affliction that causes someone to obsess over perceived defects in their physical appearance.

Herbert Chavez ‘Superman’ Video

This news report from ITN explains some of the advantages that the local kids in Chavez’s home town in the Philippines are getting used to. Thanks for reading: Herbert Chavez Plastic Surgery Before and After Superman

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