Greta Van Susteren Eye Lift Plastic Surgery Before and After Gone Wrong

The Greta Van Susteren plastic surgery story is no secret, as this legal analyst for a host of television shows has publicly talked about her eye lift.
Greta Van Susteren was born on June 11, 1954 in Appleton, Wisconsin, and she has gained international recognition for her legal commentary on a number of television news shows.
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She currently has her own show and is quickly making a name for herself on the talk show circuit. She first hit the public stage as a legal analyst for CNN during the O.J. Simpson trial.
She then went on to work for CNN in a variety of roles, but she has recently changed to Fox News where she has her own show and makes nearly 1 million dollars per year.
Many, however, have speculated on the job offer and the plastic surgery that was completed before Susteren went to work for Fox News.
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Greta Van Susteren: I Had A Cosmetic Surgery Eye Lift

This media journalist has gone on the record during an interview with People magazine and has openly talked about her eye lift.
She has done this much the way that Cameron Diaz’ plastic surgery has been discussed. Her procedure is known as an eye lift, and the star says that she was tired of the black bags under her eyes, and she had a month in between jobs.
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During this time, she decided to have an operation, and there are no worst plastic surgery pictures that are found with other celebrity plastic surgeries.
Most have commented on the improvement that Susteren has accomplished with her new look, and many have talked about its effects on her new job.

Does Cosmetic Surgery Go Hand In Hand With A Career Move?

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Many wonder if this news personality went under the knife for her new high paying job with the Fox News Network.
She is the recipient of nearly a million dollar a year salary as a result of the bidding war between Fox and CNN. Before she went to work for Fox News, the star went public about her operation, and this has left many wondering whether it is associated with her new job.
There are good chances that this is the case, as before this time, she was known for her indifference to her public appearance.
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Whatever the truth is, her results are far better than the Michael Jackson plastic surgery that was the perfect case of plastic surgery gone wrong.
Greta Van Susteren has a brand new job and a brand new eye lift to go with it. This television personality has been open about her surgery, and she has gone on the record to talk about her eye lift.
This is a procedure that relies on an eye tuck, and it is the third most popular type of plastic surgery in the United States. Most of the pictures that have been shown are surprisingly good, and people are talking of the new plastic surgery celebrity and her new television show for Fox.
The Greta Van Susteren cosmetic surgery is an issue that is public knowledge. Thanks for reading: Greta Van Susteren Eye Lift Plastic Surgery Before and After Gone Wrong

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