Emily Proctor Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After

Emily Proctor, Cosmetic Surgery Procedures?
Women in Hollywood, no matter how big or small their fame, will get plastic surgery rumors; the Emily Proctor plastic surgery speculations are a good example.
Proctor, born in 1968 in North Carolina, has had a number of smaller though recognizable roles in film and television.
She’s been a television anchor, and has appeared in films like Jerry Maguire, but she is perhaps best known for her appearances in CSI: Miami and as a recurring guest role on The West Wing. And though the buzz about Proctor isn’t as big as the Lady Gaga cosmetic surgery rumors or even the Jada Pinkett Smith gossip, she’s caught her share of attention.

Has Emily Proctor Had Any  Surgery?

Well, that depends on your definition of surgery.
While lots of places will talk about the horrors of bad plastic surgery, you don’t really hear about Botox going horribly awry.

The same for face fillers like Restylane and Juvederm; lots of people don’t really consider it surgery unless there’s a scalpel involved somehow. There are speculations, such as those put forward by goodplasticsurgery.com, that Proctor received a breast augmentation.
Of course the site also goes on to say that, unless you see her nude, it’s hard to tell. There are also fans that speculate her face is very smooth for her age, suggesting that in lieu of more traditional celebrity plastic surgery (see also plastic surgery gone wrong) that she’s been using face fillers and Botox injections to keep her smooth and unblemished face.
But thus far the rumors haven’t prompted either a confirmation or a denial.

Emily Proctor Before and After Pictures?

The most commonly used tool by those who can’t get someone to say yay or nay on whether someone is or is not a plastic surgery celebrity is to look at pictures of the person before and after to see what they see.
So what most people point out is how Emily Proctor will look different from this event to that, or from this season to that. However it’s important to remember that the screens both big and small are made up on being able to lie to the audience.
So just because you see something in one shot doesn’t mean that image wasn’t created by careful lighting, a conspicuous wardrobe, camera effects, makeup and half a dozen other little tricks of the trade that can make someone look completely different than they would off the set.
So has Emily Proctor gotten surgery? That’s a very good question to ask, but the camps are divided on the subject.
If you ask those studying her breasts she’s definitely gotten implants, and if you ask those watching her face they’ll point out how smooth and unblemished she looks, combined with the rise of her forehead.
But at the end of the day this is all just hearsay evidence mixed in with educated guessing and a whole lot of opinion. So it seems that the Emily Proctor surgery mill will keep grinding until a definitive answer comes out. Thanks for reading: Emily Proctor Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After

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