Cheryl Tiegs Facelift, Botox, Nose job Plastic Surgery Before and After

Has Cheryl Tiegs Had Plastic Surgery?
As the well-known model enters her retirement years, adoring and curious fans are wondering what plastic surgery she’s had done to retain her Cover Girl and all-American good looks.
Born on September 25, 1947, Cheryl Tiegs was a successful American model with a long-running modeling career. At the early age of 17, she had already landed on the cover of cmagazine.
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Soon after, her gorgeous face appeared on the front covers of Vogue, Time and Elle magazines. During her long affiliation with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, the 1978 poster of her donning a pink bikini became the iconic image of pop culture.
Tiegs was also a fashion designer. In 1980, she created a signature line of casual sportswear for Sears and Roebuck that was a great success. Within a year, the Cheryl Tiegs’ line was featured at over 600 stores nationwide. She’s also considered one of the early pioneers of celebrity-endorsed clothing.

Tiegs On Going Under the Knife?

Numerous interviews with the famed model reveal that she is clearly not an advocate of celebrity plastic surgery.
In her interview with Oprah magazine, Tiegs stated, “To have this spirit which is within, to nurture it, to pay attention to it, rather than ignoring it, and buying a bunch of new clothes and getting face lifts…That’s all exterior stuff, which is fun to do, but it’s not going to make you beautiful without working on what’s going on inside.
Along with other aging supermodels on the Oprah show, she denies ever having any cosmetic surgery.
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As a non-seen judge on the reality show, True Beauty, Tiegs openly discusses her true feelings on what beauty is. In sum, she’s in agreement with the adage that “beauty is skin deep.”
She talks about successful models that did not have great physical features, yet were successful in their modeling careers. Tiegs attributes their success to an inner magnetism that reflected their true inner beauty.
Tiegs is proud that “True Beauty” sends the message to the public that it’s not all about external appearances; it’s what’s on the inside that matters.
With her strong belief that inner beauty is what matters, it is clear that Cheryl Tiegs sees no need to go under the knife.

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Medical Community On Cheryl Tiegs and Plastic Surgery?

While most concur she still looks great, plastic surgeons feel Cheryl Tiegs has played the card of celebrity plastic surgery to help turn back the clock.
Whatever she may have had done, there is at least no debate about any plastic surgery gone wrong.
Paul Nassif, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Beverly Hills, feels the supermodel has had cosmetic surgery.
He states, “Cheryl Tiegs appears to have had a facelift, possibly fillers and Botox, and there is also a possibility she had rhinoplasty at one point in her life. She also may have had filler, such as Restylane, injected in her lips. She still looks good, but should avoid any additional work.” Thanks for reading: Cheryl Tiegs Facelift, Botox, Nose job Plastic Surgery Before and After

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