Cher Rhinoplasty, Botox Plastic Surgery Before and After

Cher is well known for reinventing her image through plastic surgery.
Cher, real name Cherilyn Sarkisian, is a US singer, actress, director producer and TV star who has enjoyed a smash-hit career lasting more than 45 years.
Born May 20 1946, she went on to establish herself as a solo act and has sold over 100 million records worldwide to date, being best known for her hit 1999 single Believe.
Cher before and after   (hosted by
Called The Goddess of Pop, she is the only person to have received an Oscar, a Grammy, an Emmy, a Golden Globe and a Cannes Film Festival award.
Her Academy Award for Best Actress was for the 1987 film Moonstruck.

Cher Talks Surgery With Cynthia McFadden

While for another celebrity plastic surgery is something to be concealed and denied, Cher herself has admitted to having gone under the knife for multiple surgical procedures during the course of her long career.
Well known as a youthful icon, and attracted to the benefits of plastic surgery for celebrity image, she has called herself ‘the plastic surgery poster girl‘.

However, she has denied having procedures such as cheek implants. She admits to having had breast augmentation, saying:
Oh, because they got so much bigger after Chastity was born, and I couldn’t bear to see them deflate‘.
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She also admits that the first plastic surgery she had done was rhinoplasty, after seeing herself on screen for the first time:
I looked at myself up there on that screen and thought. I’m all nose.’
Through laser surgery she has also had a number of tattoos removed.
Cher’s smooth forehead and eyes has led to speculation that she has had Botox injections and chemical peel treatments, and the lack of additional skin around her eyelids may be indicative of upper and lower blepharoplasty.
For celebrities such as Cher and Dolly Parton is not something that needs to be concealed; for others such as Joan Collins is always strongly denied.

Cher’s Before & After Pictures?

Cher has openly admitted to having had several plastic surgery procedures to gain a more youthful appearance.
Her jawline is noticeably tighter than most women in their sixties, and her browline is higher and smoother, suggesting that she has had more than one facelift.
Cher before and after pictures (image hosted by
The crow’s feet around her eyes have disappeared, and the bags under her eyes have been remarkably reduced, while her upper eyelids appear hollow and taut.
Her nose is now straighter and narrower than it previously appeared. She has softer, plumper cheeks which may be the result of injectible fillers such as Restylane, and they are significantly smoother and have a slightly waxy appearance.
Bad plastic surgery is becoming increasingly common as more celebrities go under the knife in order to remove wrinkles, reshape facial features and create a more youthful and vibrant look.
The result can be plastic surgery gone wrong, with highly artificial and weird appearances that look far from natural or beautiful. Cher freely admits to having had plastic surgery, but has been restrained in enhancing her appearance. Thanks for reading: Cher Rhinoplasty, Botox Plastic Surgery Before and After

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