Rumors Aubrey ODay Plastic Surgery Hair, Eyelashes, Lips & Breasts?

Did Aubrey O’Day Have Plastic Surgery?
It seems that Aubrey O’Day has fallen into the “did she or didn’t she have plastic surgery?” trap.
The California native was born February 11, 1984 and is most famous for being the standout member in the now defunct R&B group Danity Kane.
O’Day was fired on national TV during the October 7, 2008, episode of “Making the Band 4” when her role-model and mentor Sean “P. Diddy” Combs accused her of using Danity Kane to push her own agenda.
Has Aubrey O'Day had plastic surgery? (image hosted by 
He didn’t think she represented the girl he had originally hired and complained about her increasingly sexy appearance, demeanor, and side projects which included starring on Broadway as Amber Von Tussle in “Hair Spray” and posing for men’s magazines.
O’Day bounced back with numerous movie and television appearances, her own reality show “All About Aubrey” on Oxygen, and her stint on “Celebrity Apprentice” which premiered in February 2012, on NBC.

Aubrey O'Day plastic surgery before and after? (image hosted by

Bigger Hair, Eyelashes, Lips & Breasts?

Because her appearance played a part in her dismissal from Danity Kane, people paid close attention to her gradual transformation. As time went on, her look became more exaggerated with bigger hair, eyelashes, lips, and breasts.
Plastic surgery rumors began to escalate and she soon became a target for celebrity plastic surgery speculators.

When comparing before and after pictures and videos of O’Day, it does appear that her breast are much bigger and fuller now than when she auditioned for “Making the Band 3”.These bad plastic surgery photos show O’Day in a revealing dress with one breast clearly higher than the other.
Implant displacement occurs when the patient does not massage the breast implants regularly but in this case, the picture proved to be a hoax after the original photos were posted on Zimbio.
Another plastic surgery theory surfaced after O’Day was photographed in May 2011, at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas wearing a revealing bathing suit and a tiny scar on her abdomen.
According to Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a Miami plastic surgeon:
“I do not believe she had a traditional tummy tuck, but she appears to have had some skin excised from her abdominal area.” Thanks for reading: Rumors Aubrey ODay Plastic Surgery Hair, Eyelashes, Lips & Breasts?

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