Has Beth Chapman Plastic Surgery Gotten Her Tummy Tucked?

While he might not be on television anymore, Dog The Bounty Hunter is still a fairly recognizable face for many people, including the bounties that he goes after.

And his wife, Beth Chapman, has gained quite a lot of recognition both for her position in her husband’s operation and for her time spent on the television show as well.

However, it appears, looking at some of the more recent shots taken by the quick draw papparazzi, that Chapman has invested some of her earnings into getting her tummy tucked.

An abdominoplasty is the official name for the procedure, and given how much smaller Chapman’s stomach appears for a woman of her size and proportions it seems quite likely that she’s had the procedure done.
The reduced size, combined with the stretched belly button (which is often an indicator of the procedure), along with a scar that looks like an abdominoplasty scar make for a good case too.

However, the icing on the cake is that, according to Famous Plastic, Chapman rushed to cover herself up (she was in a bikini when the shots were taken that made many people suspicious that she’d undergone plastic surgery) when she saw that there were photographers that had taken an interest in her.

If Chapman did undergo plastic surgery, as her latest pictures seem to indicate, then the procedure went well (see also Tara Reid for this type of surgery).

Her stomach is flat, and unless you knew what she looked like before or you know where to look for the signs of cosmetic surgery scarring then it might look completely natural.

Of course it does emphasize the size of her breasts, which had been proportional in the past but which now look much larger due to her reduced waist size, making her appear noticeably different to those not used to her new look. Thanks for reading: Has Beth Chapman Plastic Surgery Gotten Her Tummy Tucked?

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