Britney Spears Toxic Plastic Surgery Before and After

Britney Spears: Pop Princess Plastic Surgery
If you ask anyone, even her most devout fans, most people agree that it’s likely Britney Spears has had cosmetic surgery.
Many people will even say it’s likely she’s done it several times. The singer, who began her career a Mouseketeer before she launched herself to the top of the pop charts with songs like “Hit Me Baby One More Time” and “Toxic,” has become a regular name and face on the tabloid covers.
Britney's got bigger? (image hosted by 
However, while she’s always been striking, how much of Spears’s looks are all natural and how many of them have been nipped and tucked?

Spears Denies That She’s Had Surgery

Throughout the rumors and speculations, enough to silence the questions about Lady Gaga’s plastic surgery at times, Britney Spears has denied that she’s gotten plastic surgery.
However, fans and detractors alike have often demanded that Britney explain the way that her looks have fluctuated so suddenly over the years. The shape of her nose changed, slimming down when she doffed her mouse ears and having the tip reduced to a shade of its former self.
There have been others that want to know how her breasts seemed to blossom almost over night, and still other questioning populations have asked how Britney lost so much fat so quickly after the birth of her babies.
While she may not be one of the worst plastic surgery celebrities out there, that distinction might go to Jocelyn Wildenstein who’s had more plastic surgery than can be easily accounted for, many fans still think that Spears has had a lot more work done than she’s admitting to.
Britney before and after? (image hosted by

Do The Before and After Pictures Lie?

If you look at pictures of Britney Spears from earlier on in her career, you’ll notice a lot of changes that can’t be accounted for by a teenager just growing up into her own – even a teenager with access to some amazing cosmetic artists and all the tricks of the trade.
The altered shape and slope of her nose and the swell of her breasts, as well as her disappearing fat from after she gave birth puts a lot of weight behind the speculations that Spears has been turning to plastic surgery to help her keep her looks (though she’s still not far into her 30s yet).
Of course all of the circumstances in the world don’t add up to much when it comes to the celebrity plastic surgery game.
This is the way it works; people might suspect that Spears has had surgery, and people might be positive that she’s had it, but until she admits it or someone comes forward with real evidence it’s all hearsay.
For instance, unless Spears says that she’s actually gotten a procedure done (she’s said she’s open to plastic surgery, but hasn’t come out and said that she’s gotten any done for instance), all you can do is speculate and listen to the rumors on the subject.
And for the time being, all we have are Britney Spears cosmetic surgery speculations. Thanks for reading: Britney Spears Toxic Plastic Surgery Before and After

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