Aishwarya Rai Before and After Plastic Surgery

Has The Surgeon’s Scalpel Stalled Time?
Aishwarya Rai is one of the most beautiful women in the world, and with such a title comes the inevitable claims that she is using plastic surgery to either enhance her looks, or to keep time from touching her.
The winner of Miss World in 1994, Rai is a very successful Indian model and an equally well known Bollywood actress.
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But despite a career filled with success, people are still wondering if she’s aging gracefully, or if she has had the help of a very talented plastic surgeon to remain so breathtaking over the years.

Has She Had Plastic Surgery?

That is the million dollar question, and it is one that Rai herself answered in an interview.
According to Makeup and Beauty, Rai has said that she’s never had cosmetic surgery in order to enhance or alter her looks:
I know there have been rumors that I’ve had my teeth and jawline corrected. But they’re only rumors. Others have opted for these things, I haven’t. I’d rather not start any controversy,” were some of the statements that she made in an interview with Filmfare regarding the rumors of her plastic surgery.
Of course a denial won’t make the press leave the rumors alone, as Halle Berry’s plastic surgery rumors prove.
And the list of awful celebrity plastic surgery rumors that swirl around Rai seem to grow and change with each telling.
She’s supposed to have had jaw implants, dental surgery, a rhinoplasty (nose job), cheek fillers and Botox just to name a few.
No one’s yet suggested a face-lift, given Rai’s relative youth, but those rumors may still show up fashionably late to the speculation party. Thanks for reading: Aishwarya Rai Before and After Plastic Surgery

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